The Earth has been asking for our help for a long time. RADIO TAXI ELCHE, as an important part of the passenger transport sector, cannot turn a deaf ear to this request. In response, every day our fleet is increasing the number of vehicles equipped with eco-sustainable technologies that, supported by the latest generation of fuels from leading companies in the sector such as Repsol or BP, ensure that the environmental impact produced by damaging gas emissions is, at least on our part, as low as possible.

Among our fleet you will find hybrid models equipped with the maximum comfort for the user, adding to this the incentive of knowing that each one of us, whether we are passengers or drivers, will be doing our bit to ensure that, all together, tomorrow will be more beautiful than today.

RADIO TAXI ELCHE bets on eco technology

RADIO TAXI ELCHE has made a commitment with the City Council of Elche to reach the 2030 horizon with all our auto-taxi vehicles classified as ECO.

How can we know that we are in a vehicle that uses eco technology?

Normally, all vehicles as mentioned above that use any of these eco-sustainable technologies are equipped on the outside of some kind of logo that informs the user.

In our country, the DGT (National department of traffic) has implemented a system of labels that classify and catalog the vehicle according to its environmental impact (this sticker can be found on the lower right side of the vehicle's windscreen).

It shows all the information of the vehicle such as: EURO emissions level of the vehicle, license plate number, energy source used by the vehicle along with many other data more. But it is its design (green circle with the word ECO in capital letters and vertically) that at first glance will identify without any doubt its classification as an eco-sustainable vehicle.

What brands and models of eco vehicles can we find in our fleet?

Every day the number of brands that offer these technologies is increasing and our range of vehicles reflects this progression. Among our vehicles you can find brands such as Opel in its Zafira model, Fiat in its Tipo model, Toyota in its Auris, Corolla and Prius models or Dacia in its Lodgy model for example.


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